Getting ready for school with Superbalist kids shoes

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m addicted to the convenience of online shopping, so when I heard about Superbalist‘s kids shoes range, I jumped (and clicked) at the opportunity to get a few for my little pork chop.

He’s definitely grown a bit braver and faster over the festive season, which means a few pairs are already scraped at the sides and on the front from running after his cousins all over the place. Since it’s back to school season for us, I figured why not make sure he steps out in style with the latest sneakers from brands like adidas Originals, New Balance, and Superga?

So which shoes did I pick from Superbalist’s boys shoe range for an active 2-year-old? I’m a practical mom so I break it up into categories: Closed for winter, airy for summer, a pair for messy play and a pair for cuteness.

Closed: Infant All Star Hi

Who doesn’t love a good pair of all-stars? I love that you can dress them up or down depending on what you’re wearing because they pretty much go with everything. I’ve got a white pair, but that’s not a good idea for a toddler since we all know what a pain they are to clean, so since I’ve been meaning to get myself a black pair, we’ll be all matchy matchy on our play dates.

Airy: Paw Patrol Flip Flops

We’re going through a very strong Paw Patrol phase. I’m not kidding, we’ve got pajamas’, cups, backpacks, caps, watches, you name it! So this one was a no brainer. We haven’t tried flip-flops before as we’ve always preferred sandals, but now is as good a time as any to give them a go.

Messy Play: Kids Stan Smith by Adidas

It’s inevitable that kids are gonna get dirty on purpose every day. Playing is just one of the ways they learn, and the messier it is, the better. He has specific messy play days at cretche, so making sure he (and I) are prepared for the aftermath, I plan ahead and dress him in something old but comfy and easy to clean. Now I know what you’re thinking “But Tiisetso they’re white shoes!” But they’re leather guys, which means one quick wipe and they’re as good as new. Mom Tip: Rubbing a little Vaseline on them before he starts his day means easier cleaning for me as the paint/mud slides right off. And for those stubborn scruff marks, tooth paste works wonders. Thank me later.

Cuteness: Infant Superstar

Nostalgia got to me when I saw these because they reminded me of LL Cool J and Run DMC back in the day when these trainers where the in thing to have. Now all he’ll need is a Kangol hat and a gold chain and we’ll be back in the 90’s! Also, the velcro straps are a huge hit in our house so the more the merrier.

I actually had to stop myself from picking up more because you know, Januworry and all. But I’ll definitely be back as I’ve been eyeing a few items from their kids range. Who knows, maybe i’ll have some spare change for a pair (or two) of heels for me too. In the mean time, you can find this range of kiddie shoes here Kid’s Shoes, Baby Shoes, Girls’ Shoes and Boy’s Shoes’ 

Pssst: First time buyers get R250 off the Superbalist app *minimum spend is R600*.Don’t say you didn’t know!  Get it here for Android and iOS

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  1. SheerDee says:

    Welcome back hun. Xo

    1. Tiisetso Gama says:

      Thanks lady, feels good to be back. Here’s to more consistency

  2. Dunks says:

    Nice kicks. I can’t say I’ve tried online shopping. Thinking of trying it

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