Mattel Playroom- Keeping your kids busy during lockdown

The Mattel Playroom is a new, free online resource, that features activities and content from Mattel’s iconic portfolio of brands for parents and caregivers. Being on lockdown means finding new and innovative ways daily to keep your little ones entertained as we work from home. Due to lockdown restrictions, we all have to social distance and stay at home in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Mattel believes in the power of play and how essential it is for child development, especially in these difficult times of Covid-19 when so much is in flux for kids and families. Mattel recognises the unique challenges that parents and caregivers are facing right now and have designed the Mattel Playroom to be a valuable resource for them.

Mbusi playing with Megabloks while listening to the YouTube playlists.

As a toy company, Mattel loves to make things that make kids smile. Behind all of the awesome toys and amazing games is a deep understanding and respect for the power of play. The power to teach, to grow and to laugh – that’s what keeps us connected.

Now, more than ever, taking time to play is not just ok, it’s essential. Our kids need it and so do we. It relaxes and reassures us; it connects us and it’s fun. As we shift to work and play from home, the ability to focus and manage our time is more challenging than ever. That’s why Mattel has built the Mattel Playroom. A virtual, singular source of play and hope for parents and caregivers. Activities, expert advice, games and content from all of their amazing brands will now be available in one place.

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Resources include YouTube playlists, printable activities and stories

Where to access the playroom:

To access the Mattel Playroom click here: You’ll have access to all the printable activities, online games, crafting and DIY Projects as well as Character Entertainment and so much more. Interact with Thomas & Friends, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price and many other brands during the lockdown, because with the Mattel Playroom, Play is never cancelled. 

If you’re looking for fun physical activities you can do with the kids, have a look at our DIY Lavender Bath Bombs. Stay connected, keep laughing and #KeepPlaying.

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