MPL launches Clove Hairfood at Fix Konversations brunch

MPL’s latest product, Clove Hairfood, was recently revealed to select guests at the popular Fix Konversations brunch experience, hosted by Cultural Ambassador Kwena Baloyi.  

Kwena Baloyi, host of Fix Konversations

About the new MPL Clove Hairfood

Local hair care expert MPL, has been renowned for years as a specialist hair health brand that focuses on treatment products with the most appropriate ingredients to deliver best results primarily for women of colour. The all new MPL Clove Hairfood has been formulated using clove oil- extracted from the leaves, stem and buds of the clove tree. The hot and spicy oil is known to possess excellent amounts of antioxidants as well as being a rich source of calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A and C. It’s just what you need for a healthy scalp which leads to healthy hair.

MPL Clove Hairfood


MPL X FIX KONVERSATIONS In line with the healing associated with MPL treatments, the Fix Konversations are a platform for like-minded women to congregate and experience self-care and healing through a number of curated offers. “It is a movement that makes sure we are without borders and we extend our network circles as women through brands like MPL” – Founder Kwena Baloyi. 50 ladies enjoyed an afternoon of pampering and meaningful connections and conversations. From guided meditations, live music performances, hair consultations and poetry readings, the day was all about healing from the inside out- much like MPL Clove Hairfood.

A cute MPL goody bag left guests overjoyed

“MPL is a brand synonymous with research and understanding what is important to the market resulting in a range that offers effective treatment for maintaining strong and healthy hair, stimulating hair growth and helping prevent hair loss. The synergy between our purpose and that of the Fix Konversations is why we chose to unveil our latest offer at the annual event and it was so well received,” commented MPL Brand Manager Lerato Tikwayo. MPL Clove Hairfood will soon be available at major retailers and

All the guests in their cute matching outfits

About MPL

The MPL hair treatment range contains a unique blend of Natural Oils, specially formulated to provide extra moisture and conditioning to the hair. This fosters the ideal environment to encourage hair growth and improve the overall health of your hair’s scales, leaving it looking vibrant and youthful. Some of the other natural ingredients included in the range are Vitamin E, Jojoba, Olive, Arnica, Rosemary and Menthol crystals that impart a therapeutic sensation to both the hair and scalp.

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  1. Nomsa Radebe says:

    Absolutely love MPL. The Clove hairfood looks like something I would definitely want to try!

    1. Tiisetso Gama says:

      Thanks for sharing Nomsa. I’m currently testing it out on my hairline. I’ll feedback on how it goes 😉

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