Eyelash curler and fake eyelashes

Tutorial: How to put on fake eyelashes in 4 simple steps.

You can’t step into a new year without taking on a few new goals, and for me in 2020, it was learning how to put on fake eyelashes and beefing up my skincare game. “Slay queen’s” are mostly known for expensive clothes and bags, long nails and weaves, and of course makeup on fleek with eyelashes to match. Now I’m not a ‘slay queen’ by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love to look good. I just don’t want to work too hard either, so I mostly go for a more natural look for my day to day makeup. As long as my eyebrows are on fleek, all I need is some mascara, a winged eye, lipstick and I’m out the door.

I always thought fake eyelashes just weren’t for me because they seemed like so much work. However, after my friend Thando came through and made it look easy, I thought I’d give it a go. The first time I tried fake eyelashes, I did everything wrong and they didn’t last an hour. Second time around, I lasted a whole day at work. That might not seem like much but baby steps ladies, baby steps. So, if you’re looking to sport a few extra lash inches, check out my step by step guide, complete with some lioness tips below. I know that not everyone will go through the effort of putting them on, so next week I’ll post a great DIY Lash Elongating oil to help grow your own natural lashes.

Tip 1: Measure and trim your fake eyelashes

Measure the eyelash against your eye before you trim it. Here I’m using a lash applicator.

Remove the lash from the tray, flexing it a few times to make it easy to use. Bend them into a C shape and hold for a few seconds to help give them shape. Measure the lash against your eye and make sure it will fit, then trim.

Lioness tip: Cut off at the longer, outer corner end of the lash that’s protruding out to match your eye length. Always cut from the vein or strip, and not from the actual lash. The lash should start where the natural bulk of your lashes start, otherwise, it will irritate your inner corner.

Step 2: Apply mascara and/eyeliner

Use an eyelash curler to curl those unruly or crooked lashes before applying mascara

Now is the time to apply your eye liner and mascara. The mascara curls your natural ashes into their natural shape, which will help blend them easily with the lashes. You can use clear or black mascara, as long as it’s a colour that matches your fake lashes. If you’ll be applying eyeshadow, do it before this step. I’ve heard for repeat wear this might not your fake eyelashes last as long, so do what works for you.

Lioness Tip: If your natural lashes are unruly, use an eyelash curler before you use mascara. I got this one online at Mr Price for R39,99.

Step 3: Apply glue to the fake eyelash and let it get ‘tacky’

You can go for the natural or glam look.

You’re ready to apply your fake eyelashes now, slow and steady. Use a compact mirror or a mirror you can use looking down, as opposed to the bathroom/vanity mirror. It makes it so much easier as you can see your lashes at an angle. Apply a thin coat of the glue to the lash (you can use a toothpick for the correct quantity of glue) and wait 10-30 seconds to let the glue get ‘tacky’ or sticky, not dry or too wet.

Put on the lash using tweezers or a lash applicator, starting with the middle first, then the sides. Apply it as close to the edge of your natural lashes as possible, not on your eyelid. Pin the eyelash and your natural lashes together using the tweezer to make them stick or use the back on the tweezer to push them down. Be firm but gentle. White adhesive usually becomes clear when it dries depending on the brand.

Lioness Tip: Hold your tweezer horizontally so as to not poke your eye. I like to use my eyelash curler for this step (2min later) as it seals them together while curling them as well. I like to follow up with some eyeliner once its dried to cover up any glue for a more natural, seamless look.

Step 4: Taking them off

Taking them off is just as easy, you simply pull them off from the outer edge of the eye after leaving a makeup remover soaked cotton pad on for a few seconds. Use makeup remover to clean off the glue on your eyes, and peel off the one on the lashes. You can also get adhesive remover specially made for eyelash glue. Make sure you keep the box so you can properly store the lashes for reuse.

Optional Extra’s:

Which glue should I use: It depends on your budget, but my two favourites are the Duo Lash Glue, which retails for around R400, and the more affordable Essence Lash Glue which retails for a little over R60. Both are easy to apply and remove, with the added bonus of drying clear.

Essence ‘peel off’ lash glue
Duo lash glue

Additional tools you can try: You can just easily win while using a tweezer for application, but a lash applicator makes things a little easier. It covers the whole length of the lash, ensuring an easier application from side to side. They go from R60 upwards.

I hope you give it a try. Be sure to tag me in your photo’s on Instagram and Twitter on @Blacklionesssa. Mwah!

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