Shout out to working moms: Power To You!

The other day I was faced with a predicament, go home or stay at work, an ordinary occurrence for working moms in my line of work. We had a big event for client coming up the next day, but had to have rehearsals that night at the venue from 10pm. I had the option to either leave work at 6pm then come back at 8:30 so I could go to the venue with my colleagues, or just stay at work until we had to leave, and only go home after midnight when the rehearsals were done, and my son and hubby asleep.

I can imagine this is what many working moms go through from time to time, the tough decision to have a little time with the family or none at all. I considered all the options – the 40 min drive to and from home, the petrol that’s now a whopping R16 a litre (yesssis!!) and the 1 hour 30 min I’d have to cram in a quick meal, a little playing and bedtime story with the porkchop, and a quick kiss goodbye for the husbae.

Was it all going to be worth it in that short space of time? Yes, yes it was. I chose to go home, and its a decision I would make again. It’s tough being a mom who has to juggle it all, but we’re more powerful and resilient than we look or realise, and with the right help, we can continue doing what we do best. So power to you for doing it all in one!

Here’s how I keep it together as a working mom.

Through relationships

Firsty, let’s stop comparing ourselves to one another, period. Some jobs are more demanding than others, and the higher up you climb the corporate ladder, the more of your time it demands. We need a community of people who can help us out when we need some time off, someone to baby sit so you can do your nails or hair, someone to pick up the kids when you can’t etc. I’ll share a little bit about the community that keeps my family and marriage life going, so look out for that this week.

Health is wealth

We all know what a disaster is when man flu hits our homes, but have you ever heard of woman flu? Nope, because it doesn’t exist. However that doesn’t mean we don’t need to treat ourselves with extra special care. It’s always been said that you can’t give what you don’t have, so we need to fill up our own cups and give to others what overflows into the saucer. Take some time to focus on yourself, eat healthier, have a glass of wine with a good book, meditate a little, squeeze in a few minutes of exercise etc. You’ll feel so much better, and everyone around you will benefit too.

Keeping it fresh

For the love of all things chocolaty, please don’t let yourself go! It’s so disappointing to see a woman who used to be on point by her own standards, just go on and let them fall by the way side. We can’t keep blaming the kids for everything y’all, I do my squats while in the kitchen stirring up some gravy. It might burn while I’m busy, but I’ll have buns of steel so who cares lol!

Choreographer and new mom Takkies posted a video the other day of her taking a few minutes to dance it up to tone her abs, with her daughter relaxing in her rocker. We don’t always have to rely on the gym to work out, the nail parlour for some nail art, the salon for a new look. Take some time and keep it fresh for yourself, so that who you see in the mirror reflects the person you are inside.

And while you’re at it, grab a few girlfriends and join us on July 28th at Walter Sisulu Square, Kiptown Soweto for the Aquafresh Power To You Mum event, a celebration of South African motherhood, womanhood and families. Aquafresh recognized the need to celebrate us in all our glory, and I can’t wait to party it up with other powerful women and working moms!

Siphokazi Mdlankomo, self-taught chef and Masterchef SA runner-up, will do a few interactive cooking demonstrations for us gravy-burners. Nhlanhla Nciza, fashion designer, style music icon from Mafikizolo, will host a fashion show showcasing NN Vintage’s winter range and share some style tips so we can keep it fresh and of course I’ll be there to remind you to work hard and play even harder.

You might be a mom, but that’s not the only thing that makes you special. Let’s have a little fun while we discuss all the aspects that keep us going, as we say Power To You!

Aquafresh Power To You Mum Festival 2018
Where: Walter Sisulu Square in Kliptown, Soweto, Johannesburg
When: 28 July 2018, 10am – 5pm
Tickets: R80 adults, R40 seniors. The purchase of an Aquafresh toothpaste will get you a R20 discount on all ticket prices, yasss!
NB: This is an adults-only festival, so leave the lil ones at home so we can finally let our hair down!

PS: Holla back at the comments below if you think I should give away a few tickets for the concert, you know, for control. Mwah!

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  1. katlego mokoena says:

    I so relate to this article!! Just got back from work preparing a meal for my family as exhausted as I am but nothing beats being with family. Woman we are a rare species! Being a mom it’s truly the best gift one can ever pray for.

    1. Tiisetso Gama says:

      Absolutely! Its not always easy, and sometimes you really don’t want to hear ‘mama’ one more time, but its so rewarding at the end of the day. i hope you’ll find time for a little foot rub from hubby after all that.

  2. I’m not a mom, but enjoyed reading this post and will share with my mommy friends. Xo

  3. […] Aquafresh is embarking on a journey to celebrate the does-it-all South African mother. Mothers are usually brushed with broad strokes, and assumptions are made about us. With this campaign, we are being given a chance to unravel what makes us tick, our pressure points, how we strive a balance, and how we keep it all together. Conversations will be centered around strong families and relationships, healthy diets and conscientious living, as will as fresh lifestyles and how to stay on top your game. […]

  4. Great post. We as moms need to cut ourselves some slack sometimes. It’s tough trying to do it all but it’s worth it to. We just need to know when to slow down or take a break from time to time.

    1. Tiisetso Gama says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Burn out is real so we need the me (or out with the girls) time to destress.

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